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TALKING POINTS: How to Use Video to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

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Cash from the CrowdHow to Use Video to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign {Entrepreneur}

In her book Cash From the Crowd, Sally Outlaw, founder and CEO of crowdfunding website peerbackers, reveals the secrets of funding your business with help from colleagues, peers, family, friends and even perfect strangers through a crowdfunding campaign. In this edited excerpt, the author offers easy tips for creating a pitch video that attracts funding.

* * *

This Video Will Make You Want to Be An Ass-Kicking Entrepreneur {Ad Week}

Grasshopper.com’s epic parody 1980s entrepreneurial video has all the right things. It has the word “epic” in the title. It has that one-take, walking toward the camera while grabbing props out of nowhere thing that people go nuts for. It has a great actor who went to the Shatner school of pausing. And if you don’t love it for all that, watch it to see the best example of a business card ever conceived:

* * *

How Melinda Walton Went from Corporate Employee to Creative Entrepreneur {Women’s Agenda}

Melina Walton had worked for 10 years in the corporate world as a communications professional when she started to feel something was missing. “The main thing I wanted was to have a job and life where I really wanted to go to work every day,” she says. “I wanted to have the lifestyle that made me happy every day. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my corporate role but something was missing.”

* * *

New from Russell Simmons: Narrative, a B2B Digital Marketing Firm {Business News Daily}

For nearly 30 years, Simmons has been building and promoting brands in the entertainment and fashion industries. Now he’s applying that branding experience to the world of tech and manufacturing with his innovative marketing firm, Narrative.

* * *

What Does It Mean to Be An Entrepreneur Today? Reflections for 2014 {Huff Po}

December is a month where people hit the “pause” button and think about the past year. About what was attempted, accomplished, remembered, forgotten, created, and discarded. About where one is headed; physically and metaphorically.

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