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TALKING POINTS: NOLA snow cone legend dies at 103; the (jobless) kids are getting creative; more

November 26, 2013 Leave a comment

snow cone vendor

In New Orleans, Shaved-Ice Entrepreneur Josie Marino Ortolano Dies at 103 {The Times-Picayune}

Josie Marino Ortolano, a powerhouse in the local snowball business who not only devised a stream of fanciful flavors such as wedding cake and blueberry hill but also sold the extracts and equipment for making and serving the hot-weather treats, died Wednesday in Metairie. She was 103.

Can Entrepreneurship be Taught? {HITC Business/CNBC}

Vietnam is one of the most entrepreneurial countries I have visited. Every very inch of street in Hanoi is crammed with mom-and-pop vendors selling everything from homemade chicken soup (pho) to batteries to nail clippers to toys. Vietnam’s government is now searching for innovative new ways to tap that spirit. The goal is to boost technology-based entrepreneurship that could lead to significant job growth and wealth creation.

Global Youth Unemployment Crisis Spurs Young Entrepreneurs to Get Creative {HuffPo}

The Lost Generation is increasingly producing what one might call the “opportunistic entrepreneur.” Unemployed young people from Europe to the Middle East to North America are adapting to the realities of a chronically weak job market by launching their own businesses.