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Through May 20: Free Kindle edition of “Do the Work,” from Seth Godin’s Domino Project

Lot’s of incredibly useful and unusually inspirational Seth Godin-related news today.

First things first: Spend some time reading this Boing Boing interview with Seth Godin, which was conducted by the Philly-based tech writer Avi Solomon. It’s a wonderful interview–quite a bit different than most of the other Seth Godin Q&As I’ve read recently–but it’s unfortunately littered with typos and grammatical errors. (Confidential to Mark Frauenfelder: What’s up with hiring a copy editor?)

Anyway, Godin mentions his truly exciting new publishing venture, The Domino Project, during the interview. If you don’t happen to already be familiar with The Domino Project, click on over to its website and read the “About” and “FAQ” pages. It’s essentially an eBook publisher that releases its products through Amazon at especially reasonable rates, and from what I can tell, the books all lean strongly towards the same inspirational/creative entrepreneurial bent that Godin espouses in his books and on his super-popular blog

And here’s the truly good news: If you’re reading this post before May 20, 2011, you can grab a free Kindle edition of The Domino Project’s newest release, Do the Work, by Steven Pressfield, over at Amazon. [Click here to access the free Kindle edition.] And what if you don’t happen to have a Kindle? Not a problem–I don’t either. Simply download a free Kindle app (direct from Amazon) for your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, Android phone or Windows Phone 7 by clicking here.

And speaking of wonderful free stuff from the good people at The Domino Project: They’re also currently giving away a free eBook–in honor of Steven Pressfield’s Do the Work, believe it or not–entitled No Idling: 30 inspiring stories from those who do the work. I’ve already downloaded my copy, and believe me when I tell you that it’s good stuff.

Go Domino Project!

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