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BREAKING! Johnny Cupcakes Announces 2010 Suitcase Tour

Johnny and his billboard

> > > The Boston-based T-shirt mogul known as Johnny Cupcakes has always been one of our favorite Young Pioneers here at The Labor Party. And although I realize we probably report on Johnny’s various entrepreneurial exploits with a bit more regularity than might be considered necessary — or even normal–we nevertheless wanted to let you know about a promotional, cross-country Johnny Cupcakes tour that was recently announced on the company’s website.

The Johnny Cupcakes Suitcase Tour, as it’s being called, will officially kick off in Manhattan on Friday, April 2nd, 2010, where Johnny (and probably a few other members of his team) will literally be selling T-shirts of a suitcase. The general idea, as it’s explained on the tour’s mini-site, is for the company to simply get back in touch with its decidedly lo-fi entrepreneurial roots.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with JC’s humble beginnings, it all started back when Johnny was performing and touring with the post-hardcore band On Broken Wings. Before tours, Johnny would stuff a number of suitcases with JC T-shirts and other merchandise, which he would then hawk to fans on the road. Johnny was so dedicated to his brand’s success, in fact, that in order to save space in his suitcases for merchandise, he often wouldn’t pack any clothing whatsoever for himself. Here’s how he explains it:

As you may know, one of the foundations of my brand was when I used to sling wrinkled up, gas scented t-shirts out of my crusty suitcase while on tour with the band I was in. There were even tours where I’d barely pack any regular clothes for myself to wear–just all Johnny Cupcakes stuff. When I sold out of t-shirts, I’d call home and, when they weren’t at work or at school, I’d have my mom and little sister ship out more of them to whatever state we were playing next …

As far as we’re concerned, one of the coolest aspects of Johnny’s upcoming tour involves the venues at which he’ll be appearing. Here’s another quote from the website: “Each stop on the tour will be hosted by various neat businesses that I respect–art galleries, boutiques, bakeries, toy shops, and many others. There will even be some delicious free treats and surprises at most of these stops!”

Also traveling with Johnny will be some sort of documentary video crew; a different video webisode will be uploaded to JohnnyCupcakes.com during each day of the tour, and the remaining footage will be used to create an actual documentary film that we unfortunately don’t know much about. (We’ll be sure to post more details about the film when and if information becomes available.)

And if you live on the West Coast of the United States, by the way, you may be able to catch one of Johnny’s upcoming university lectures. [Click here for event details.] These lectures have proven to be incredibly popular over the past few years, and those of you able to attend will very likely walk away with some valuable insights in terms of how today’s young and creative entrepreneurial community operates.

Check out Johnny’s bad-ass collection of professionally-produced webisodes here.

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