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Where I’ve Been

Young Pioneers Media:

>>> Good God it’s been a long time since I’ve managed to post anything new on these pages. Sorry about that! For those of you who might have wondered where I’d gotten off to, and what I’ve been up to, that explanation is simple enough: Instead of simply blogging about the unexpected fringes of the new creative entrepreneurship culture, like advice and problems that can arise with website hosting, I’ve been busying myself over the past few months with the process of putting together a print magazine that concerns itself with the very same topic. Interesting time to be launching a new magazine, right? I know.

Which is why I’ve also been working on putting together the pieces of an especially ambitious business plan that includes not just a single printed magazine, but rather an entire publishing, multimedia and merchandising company. In other words: I’ve got lots of unusually fun stuff in the works, business-wise.

Then again, I don’t have a lot of money, and I’m not particularly thrilled with the idea of taking on investors or getting myself deeper into debt than I already am. So it’s quite likely that Young Pioneers Media, as C. and I are calling this company, won’t exactly explode into existence, so to speak, but will rather seep its various products and services out into the market, slowly, until one day it seems nearly impossible to believe that, just a few years ago, it didn’t exist at all.

johnny_in_skeleton_suitThat’s the big plan, anyway. We’ll see how it actually all works out, of course, over the coming months. And like I mentioned above, our introductory product is going to be an actual print magazine. Or to be more specific, a professionally-designed, newsstand quality magazine about creative and alternative entrepreneurs, which will be published quarterly during its first year, and probably bi-monthly throughout its second year. As of now, the master plan includes going monthly by year three, if not somewhat sooner.

Johnny Cupcakes:

So. With all that said, I’m still not entirely sure just how much I actually want to reveal about the content of the premiere issue just yet. I will say, though, that we were lucky enough to convince none other than the incredibly successful T-shirt mogul Johnny Cupcakes to act as the magazine’s very first cover star. The entire process of working with Johnny, by the way, has been an incredibly fortuitous experience for me, especially because, as far as I can tell, Johnny’s brand seems to appeal to a number of different youth demographics, none of which I really have anything to do with: Hip-hop culture, skateboarding culture, etc. And that’s probably why I’d never heard of the guy before randomly stumbling across his boutique on Boston’s Newbury Street last summer.

I wrote a little bit about the pure joy of discovering the Johnny Cupcakes brand in a previous post, so I’ll restrain myself from going on and on about that experience here. If you continue scrolling to the very bottom of that post, you can read a bit about my last trip to Boston, where I had a chance to see Johnny give a brilliant lecture about entrepreneurship at an area college. The following day, I met up with Johnny and his photographer, Dave Green, at the company headquarters and warehouse in Weymouth, Mass. We ended up spending the better part of the afternoon shooting photos of Johnny, who posed with an enormous cupcake that had actually been baked the night beforeeat-cupcake by a friend of the photographer. Check out the photo on the left, which is a great example of the work Dave did that afternoon.

Dave Green and Adoorable.org:

Incidentally, Dave also works as a freelancer, so if you happen to be based in or near the Boston area and you’re looking for a very capable and friendly photographer, I simply can’t recommend him highly enough. You can find his portfolio and contact information on his website, Adoorable.org. (Tell him Dan from YP Media sent you!)

One more thing: If you’re interested in learning more about exactly who else and what else we have planned for the first issue of the magazine, you’ll want to check back here every now and again, as I have plans to blog about some of the premiere issue’s brilliant entrepreneurial superstars over the next few weeks. And once we have a solid release date set in stone for the print edition of the magazine, I’ll undoubtedly be making a good bit of noise about that, right here. And for what it’s worth, I’ll also be doing my best to occasionally post updates about some of the other YP Media products that are currently in various stages of pre-production, including books, calendars, T-shirts, guidebooks, and other top-secret fun stuff.  So do stay tuned.

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