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Johnny Cupcakes’ Melrose Avenue vision comes to life…

I often have such an incredibly difficult time explaining to people exactly what I mean by the term Young Pioneer. A Young Pioneer, for instance, isn’t just any ol’ entrepreneur. It’s an entrepreneur who is absolutely filled with extreme and total passion for his business. It’s an entrepreneur who believes so strongly in his vision, that he’ll often make decisions that don’t necessarily seem guided by his quest for money. Or to put it another way, a Young Pioneer is doing what he’s doing – whatever he’s doing – because he absolutely has to.

He’s not doing it to get rich, although many Young Pioneers do eventually become very wealthy. He’s certainly not doing it to get laid, although conveniently enough, most women are understandably attracted to truly passionate people.

He’s doing it – whatever it is – because it’s what he was put on this earth to do.

But still… that’s not entirely clear, is it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a visual person. I almost always need to see something with my own eyes before I really understand it. And that’s why the second Johhny Cupcakes webisode, which was just posted to the video-sharing site Vimeo, completely blew my mind: It’s essentially a short film about extreme passion in action. In fact, before you watch the video, which is a sneak-peak inside the Melrose Avenue store that’s scheduled to open on August 2nd, read Johnny’s brief post, which is underneath the screen.

He says: “My parents and select friends think I’m insane for putting so much time, energy and money into my LA shoppe. I really just want it to be a fun, different, memorable experience… Most companies try to cut corners to turn a huge profit, and don’t think twice about making the customers happy via spending extra time, energy & money on attention to details & experience. Well I’m ALL for the little (and BIG) details. It is all about the experience, because at the end of the day we’re all just humans hustling a product to consumers. Why not make it an unforgettable adventure for both parties?”   

Wow. WOW. I can’t even begin to imagine how much money this LA store is going to set Johhny back (seriously, watch the video), but here’s my prediction: The LA Times is going to cover his grand opening, and the New York Times will do some sort of piece on Johnny and his Melrose store within six months – probably in the Sunday magazine. And I’ll bet he sells out of T-shirts during the grand opening, too. After all, how could he not? Supposedly he’s got a bunch of super-fans who are planning to sleep outside the store on Melrose for three nights straight, just to make sure they’re able to get inside the store on the big deal. Unreal. You think maybe Johnny knows a thing or two about customer loyalty that pretty much every other company on earth doesn’t?

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