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Middle Eastern entrepreneurs featured in Gulf Life

The current issue of Gulf Life magazine, which is the in-flight magazine of the Bahrain-based Gulf Air, has a fantastic feature-package (complete with photos) about a number of incredibly industrious Middle Eastern entrepreneurs. (Or entrepreneurs with Asian-themed businesses.) Each piece is only a few hundred words long, and the entire package can probably be read in ten or twenty minutes. But if you’ve only got time for a few …

  1. Check out “The one-rupee entrepreneur“, a piece about Mumbai’s many coin-operated public phone businesses. One call costs only two US cents! [Story by Jerry Pinto]   
  2. Also read this piece about Shehab Hamad, a culture, fashion, and lifestyle entrepreneur based in Dubai. Hamad runs Dubai’s 9714 multimedia collective, where everyone from musicians to video-artists to poets regularly perform. The article, by the way, was written by former Lonely Planet authors Lara Dunston and Terry Carter. Also check out the website of Five Green, a sleek and modern Dubai boutique owned and operated by Hamad and his sister. 
  3. Possibly the most unique free agent in this series, however, is Tobias Moss, the owner of a London taxicab service called Karma Kars. According to the story:

“Its fleet consists of four imported Indian Ambassador cars, each lavishly decorated and boasting interiors that feature flowers, beads and dazzling upholstery.”

In other words, the sort of taxi you might see on the streets of Delhi or Calcutta. Even better is the fact that Moss, who claims to have traveled to India once a year since 1968, has even more Indian-themed business ideas in mind: “I will write my autobiography,” he says in the article, “and I would love to open a Karma Kafe in London and a boutique hotel based on Karma Kars, with themed rooms, all different and in mosaic.”

Close-up photos of the various Karma Kars’ exteriors and interiors are available for vieweing on the company’s website, which is where I found the photo above. That’s the interior of Moss’ ‘Monsoon Wedding’ model, by the way; look closely and you’ll see Moss himself peeking through the back window. Other available kabs include the ‘Goa Sunset,’ with red interior; the ‘Ab Fab Kab,’ with gold glitter interior; and the ‘Moon Palace,’ which was specifically designed for weddings with its cream and gold interior. As Moss’ British contemporaries might say, Brilliant! [Story by Kathryn Miller]

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