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Inspiration/Information for free agents

A couple interesting news stories today that should inspire and educate solo-workers and other free agents …

First, from the front page of today’s Philadelphia Inquirer, a decent profile of jazz musician Elliott Levin. At the ripe old age of 54, Levin has now been hustling obscure avant-jazz gigs for over 30 years. Here are two quotes from the story, which was written by the Philly-based freelancer music journalist David R. Adler

Philadelphia jazz artists may face a shortage of available bookings, but Levin seems to find every last one. “Man, I really do hustle,” he says, “but that’s what I’ve had to learn to do to survive playing music.”

Guitarist Rick Iannacone, a creative partner of Levin’s for decades, allows that his friend’s openness toward any and all gigs could be perceived as overzealous, even unfocused. “Some would say, ‘Why play with these cats, or with those cats?’ But the thing about Elliott is he has no agenda except to share music.”

[Elliott Levin’s Official Website]

* * *

Also, freelancer and Salt Magazine co-founder Catherine Price hands out financial advice and tax tips to the Free Agent Nation. [Salon, click here]

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