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The Daily Bedpost weighs in on Tango’s Marriage Without Monogamy column, again

photoboothanimated.gifOnce again, the incredibly smart Sex & Relationship journalists known as Em & Lo have weighed in on the relationship I’ve been recently chronicling for TangoMag.com. Apparently, a good friend of Em & Lo’s accused them of having an anti-open relationship bias after he read their original post about Carrie and me. The friend’s comment seems to have hit the two of them hard, and I know exactly how they feel. During my stint as the Pittsburgh City Paper’s music editor, I was almost constantly taking shit from readers who felt I was a horrible journalist because I didn’t happen to share their exact taste in obscure noise-rock, or because I wasn’t covering enough local music, or because I was covering too much local music. 

The first time this happened, I actually cried. Sounds silly, I know. But people I’d never even met — and a few people I had met — were dissecting my worth on an online message board, of all things. I spent two or three days straight wondering if maybe they were right. Maybe I was a horrible journalist and a terrible writer. For a while, I literally couldn’t think about anything else for more than a few minutes at a time. But eventually I started to realize that these people were whining and moaning about my work for reasons that had almost nothing whatsoever to do with my work. And these days, when I write an article or an essay for a website and readers fill the comments section with nasty little quips, I’m practically thrilled. Why? Because it’s proof positive that I’ve touched a nerve — and that someone out there is reading my work.

However! I’m not sure I’ve ever had my work questioned by a close friend, as in Em & Lo’s situation. That can’t feel good. But try to keep your chins up, ladies — you’re among the very best sex journalists in the business — no question about it. To learn more about Em & Lo, visit EmAndLo.com.

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