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New Thailand article in the Houston Chronicle

lp.jpgA few months ago, after wrapping up my ten-week reporting trip in Thailand, where I was doing research for the 14th edition of Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia on a Shoestring guide, I filed my very first article for LP’s syndicated column service. Officially known as Travels with Lonely Planet, the column is edited at LP’s Oakland office by Jay Cooke. Jay then passes the edited articles off to King Features Syndicate, which is the very same organization responsible for distributing newspaper columns like “Hints from Heloise” and “Ask Dr Ruth”, and comic strips like “Dennis the Menace” and “Beetle Bailey”.

As far as Travels with Lonely Planet is concerned, however, there are maybe three- or four-dozen daily papers that subscribe. And yet as is the case with dailies that subscribe to mainstream newswire services like the Associated Press and Reuters, not every subscribing paper runs every available Travels with LP column. According to Jay, my piece just went out on the wire sometime today, although somehow the Salt Lake Tribune has already managed to pick it up. My guess is that a handful of other dailies will pick the column up throughout the week, and that others will wait to run it in next Sunday’s travel section. Keep your eye on this space, where I’ll be adding the names of any newspapers that choose to run the article, which, by the way, is about the Southeast Asian New Year celebration known as Songkran.

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