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Holly Morris: International Media Entrepreneur

December 1, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

holly_iran.jpgWhen I was living in Seattle and first getting into travel journalism, I had the unique opportunity to interview a travel writer and PBS personality by the name of Holly Morris. Her office was decked out in souvenirs from recent work excursions to Cuba, Iran, India and New Zealand — trips that had been documented on film and then edited into four episodes of her award-winning television program, Adventure Divas. I still remember our conversation as being incredibly inspirational, especially when Morris explained to me how she’d transformed herself from a bored office admin into a globetrotting media mogel.

The basic idea behind Morris’ TV program, which can now be purchased as individual DVDs on her company’s website, was relatively simple: The Adventure Divas team would travel to some of the most unique cities on earth — they usually singled in on politically oppressive locales — and then Morris would wander off in search of powerful, ambitious women. In Cuba, she tracked down a rather intense, all-female hip-hop group. In Iran, she talked politics with Shahla Sherkat, the editor of a feminist magazine called Zanan (Women).

Morris has since written a book, also called Adventure Divas, about her global experiences with inspirational women. And her company is currently in the process of creating a new series, Science Divas. To learn more about Morris and her media empire, log onto her blog, the Divawire, or read the feature story that resulted from my visit to Morris’ Seattle headquarters.

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