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How to be THAT GUY and make a name for yourself


I’ve been meaning to post something about Scott Ginsberg — the marketing maverick otherwise known as “The Guy with the Nametag” — for quite some time now. I actually find it a bit odd that this guy isn’t already a business world superstar, although he does appear to be getting his fair share of mainstream media attention. Which isn’t the least bit surprising, especially when you consider that Scott is just the sort of character the MSM likes to slobber all over: He’s clean-cut, he’s white, and he preaches a positive message in a wacky sort of way.

To be perfectly honest, I’m absolutely fascinated by this guy. I’m especially fascinated by the way he’s managed to craft an incredibly unique and profitable career for himself out of nothing more than a single name tag sticker and a decent (if slightly silly) idea.  

Here’s Scott’s bio in a nutshell: Referred to as “The Authority on Approachability” by various print and broadcast media outlets, Scott actually prefers to be known as “The Guy With the Nametag.”

And why’s that? Simple: Scott is the only person on earth who wears a nametag for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This odd-seeming stunt has even garnered him a brief write-up in a Ripley’s Believe It or Not book. He wears this nametag not because he is insane, but rather as an experiment in friendliness. As it happens, Scott is a recognized expert in the field of approachability. (As in, how to better approach people.)

According to an article in Positive Thinking magazine, Scott one day discovered a trash can filled with disused name tags, and found himself wondering what his life might be like if he wore such a name tag forever. But instead of simply shrugging off the idea as a childish notion, he decided to give it a shot. Perhaps not surprisingly, Scott began making new aquaintances almost immediately. “[It] inspired these great conversations,” he said.

It didn’t take long for Scott to begin the process of turning his simple ‘trash can idea’ into an absolute empire of a business. Today, he brings in the bulk of his income by giving lectures and holding seminars, all of them based around the concept of being friendlier and therefore more approachable. His website,, is packed with content and videos. Scott’s message, essentially, is that a person who learns to become more approachable will quite likely experience more success in work and in life. Which sounds about right to me.

I’ll admit that when I first heard about the Nametag Guy, my initial thought was that this was someone who had simply dreamt up an interesting creation story and a gimmick, and then tacked it onto a self-improvement speech.

But do you know what is possibly the coolest thing about the Nametag Guy? Take another look at the photo at the top of this post. In a truly valient effort to not break his pledge of wearing a name tag around-the-clock, the guy actually got a name tag tattooed onto his chest. Which means he’s going to be advertising his belief in the power of approachability for the remainder of his life. Can you possibly think of a more extreme way to let the world know just how seriously you take your Personal Mission Statement?


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Here’s the Nov 3, 2005 post from Scott’s blog; it was written right after he’d gotten the nametag tattoo :

Maybe I’m taking this whole “personal branding” thing too seriously

Thursday, November 03, 2005 – posted by hellomynameisscott at


Well, I did it. After years of wussing-out, I finally did it. And it hurt like a sunavabitch! Anyone who tells you “Oh, tattoos don’t hurt,” is a liar. It was like getting 1000 shots in 45 minutes.

Anyway, special thanks to Joe @ Iron Age Studio who did a PERFECT job; my friend Andy Masters who cheered me on the whole time; and the friendly crew from the Today Show who managed to record the entire painful session on tape. Great. Can’t wait to show that one to the kids some day.

Hey, it’s cool. The pain is over. BUT, throughout the entire process, these were the words running through my head:


You know what? I’m SO glad I did it. There’s no turning back baby.


What are you dedicated to?

* * * *
Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag


UPDATE! I just got a nice email from The Nametag Guy himself, thanking me for the post, and letting me know that he wasn’t able to log onto The Labor Party, which is apparently necessary in order to post a comment. Oops. That probably explains why I never get comments. I’ll look into this today.

Anyway, here’s what Scott had to say:

Morning Dan … thanks for the great post.  I appreciate all the kind words! Here are my thoughts …

1. Yes, the MSM slobbers over me.  Cool, yet fascinating, because it’s nice to actually get something positive in the news for once!2. “Slightly silly” idea?  Dude, it’s VERY silly.  As am I! 3. Gimmicky, yes.  Gimmick, no.  Backed up with content out the wazoo!Later dude.

Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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