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Freelance foreign correspondence advice at Mediabistro.com

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Interesting article on Mediabistro today about Will Connors, a guy who wanted to find work as a foreign correspondent after graduating from the University of Chicago with degrees in English and Sociology. But because Will is a person who seems to be filled with the spirit of the Young Pioneer, he chose to eschew the approved overseas writer route — that is, the route most often taken by journalists hungry to land an overseas post.

For the uninitiated among you, this is a route that first involves getting your foot in the door at a newspaper that still pays for foreign reporting, but where you will most likely start out in a cub reporter position. We’ve all heard stories about young and unexperienced journalists having to sit through untold numbers of city council meetings, while being bored practically to tears in the process, right? As a cub reporter, that’ll be you. Have a blast. 

Seriously though, many journalists spend years doing work they have almost no interest in, simply because they lack the confidence and the courage to travel overseas and to start a freelance writing business without being told to do so by a boss.

Will Connors, smart boy that he is, chose to go the express route: He bought a one-way ticket to Addis Ababa, and before long was published in the New York Times, among other papers and publications of some repute.

Definitely give this story a look; I’m sure any of the would-be travel journalists or foreign reporters reading this blog will find at least one or two decent tips in the story, and you don’t even have to be an AvantGuild member to read it. Bonus!

  • Will Connors New York Times story about train travel in Congo: [LINK
  •  Jeffrey Gettleman New York Times story about Ethiopia … with a Will Connors assist! [LINK]

Incidentally, while looking around online for more Will Connors work, I happened to stumble upon a site called Kerabu. It appears to be a smashingly well-designed and smart entrepreneurship blog that was then killed back in August 2007 and relaunched into another project called Xoxiety. I’m definitely looking forward to taking a much closer look, and will report back in a day or two if I discover anything useful or fun.

  1. April 11, 2008 at 1:51 PM

    Thanks much for the article referral. I’m one of those “wanna be a foreign correspondent” dreamers, and Will is definetly an inspiration.

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