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Booklist Selects Moon Handbooks for Best Travel Series of the Year

October 19, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

According to Jen Rios, the Online Marketing Manager for both Avalon Travel and Seal Press, Booklist has selected the Moon Handbooks line of guidebooks as the Best Travel Series of the Year for 2007. In the rather diminutive world of travel guidebook publishing, this is of course an especially coveted honor.

The anouncement was made in a recent Booklist article by Brad Hooper. The piece is pasted below.

Anyone interested in purchasing a copy of my recently published Moon Handbooks Pittsburgh guide, by the way, can do so at Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com, among others contenders [Wal-Mart, Target]. To purchase a signed copy of my Pittsburgh guidebook at a discounted rate, visit the in-progress Pioneer Content site. 


TRAVEL ROUNDUP: Best Travel Series of the Year, 2007 [By Brad Hooper, 15 September 2007] [BOOKLIST]

By their very name, Moon guides have always suggested visits to locales off the beaten tourist path, and, indeed, for a long time, Moon guides did focus on the more distant or remote or not-usually-thought-of places that are nevertheless exciting to visit. These days, of course, Moon guides take you not only to Costa Rica and Fiji but also to more standard locations, such as London and Ireland. And Moon guides these days have such an easy feel in the hand: they open well, and the pages are just the right size, with lots of information presented in uncrowded fashion. And the information is full but precise, evaluative but not pompous (“The only downside to the London Eye is the price”). Such a good spirit arises from the pages of a Moon guide that the reader can’t help but want to board a plane and make every trip a soulful experience. Along with listings of things to do and places to see and restaurant and hotel recommendations, each volume in the series has a concluding section called “Background,” which performs exactly that task: imparting history, culture, current events, and other basic information the well-informed traveler needs to know.

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