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Dov Charney & American Apparel Newswire

October 15, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

american-apparel_charney.jpgOf all the articles in all the community newspapers bemoaning (or rejoicing) the almost inevitable arrival of an American Apparel™ retail store in their hometown, this one is probably the best I’ve read yet. And it seems to have been written by a university student, no less! [The Minnesota Daily]

I wasn’t even aware of this, but here’s a piece about affordable “green-clothing” options that mentions our beloved AA. Apparently 20% of the overall cotton used in the company’s various garments is organic, and what’s more, plans are in place to bump that figure up to 80% over the next four years. Scroll down to the fourth paragraph for the AA mention. [Green Options]   

And just in case you haven’t yet read it, which you almost certainly have (or at least should have) if you’re interested at all in the goings on of Dov and AA, this story by journalist Josh Dean is probably one of the top three profile pieces ever written about the man and his organization. [Inc.] 

This article also rates especially high. It’s a rather long read, but absolutely worth your time, assuming you’re interested in learning how Charney first came up with the idea to sell his clothes direct to customers in retail stores. It’s an amusing story. [New York Times Magazine]

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