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Here’s the most recent Amazon.com comment about Moon Handbooks Pittsburgh:

For the price, this collection of tips and locations is valuable. It is not the average travel guide that a suburban family would want when visiting the area. Don’t expect to find a guide about mall and traditional shopping, and neither the usual and traditional tourism venues.

What this collection does is collect into one volume a series of tips of urban life of the young. It is not so much a walking tour guide on architectural and urban neighborhoods, but much space is devoted to individual locations for shopping, restaurant, cafe, and places to meet people, and to my surprise, included many tidbits that few know.

For example, that you can loan for free a bicycle on the Heritage Trail on the South Side. It also describes organizations where to meet people, like the Hash House Harriers. I was surprised a bit by the little exposure it gave to the steps of Pittsburgh, but then, on page 48, it referred correctly the reader to another publication that is entirely dedicated to the public steps in the city of hills. Definitely my kind of style for travel, for a cheap two day tour, it mentions rental of a kayak and [the possibility of seeing] the city from water level (although at $15/hr it isn’t exactly cheap), this publication does well [at exposing] the current state of the city and what it has to offer. But it is very city-centric: beyond the city lines, the author does not venture much.

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