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Current work

PITTSBURGH — Apologies for the lack of blog activity; I’m on deadline. Current project: A three-part feature about travel opportunities in Thailand for Venture, a UK-based magazine published by the same good folks who put out Travel Africa. As is quite often the case in the freelance field, I got the job through a connection; Travel Africa’s newly hired editor is none other than former Lonely Planet wunderkind Matt Phillips. I met Matt sometime last year, at an LP authors conference in Oakland. (Cheers Matt!)  

Next up is an essay I’m writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about what it was like to write an entire first edition of a Pittsburgh city guide for Moon Handbooks. Talk about a favorable assignment: Not only am I getting paid to promote a book for which I’ll be receiving royalties, but the essay is scheduled to run in the Sunday paper’s Next Page department. The Next Page is an impressively creative op-ed section that publishes some of the P-G’s strangest and most interesting work; each piece is accompanied by an equally creative graphic element — maybe a funky line drawing, or a mixed-media collage of some sort. Sounds weird, but it almost always looks good. Check it out.  

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