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I’ve been stolen!

biblioklepto-1.gifI’ve been something of a library enthusiast for a long time now — ever since I started skipping lunch in high school to sit by myself in the library and read Ray Bradbury novels — so the idea that a book of my own is now sitting on actual library shelves thrills me to no end. And it appears that in local libraries, at any rate, the book is doing quite well. There are currently 10 copies at eight different Carnegie branches, and among those, five copies are checked out, three are on the holdshelf, and one is a noncirculating reference copy. Do the math, and you’ll notice that’s only nine copies. So what happened to the tenth? The answer makes me so pleased I can barely contain myself — it’s been stolen! Seriously: Someone actually decided that Moon Pgh was valuable enough to risk being arrested for. (Not that anyone’s actually going to be arrested for stealing from the library, but still … )

Now, please don’t get me wrong. I absolutely do not condone the practice of stealing from libraries. The library, in fact, is just about the last place you want to steal anything from. They’re the good guys. But nonetheless, I’m flattered. And now I’ll have to see about getting that copy replaced

By the way, I recently read somewhere that the most-stolen books in Australia are Kerouac’s On The Road, Junky by William Burroughs, and LP’s Southeast Asia on a Shoestring. In a slightly odd book-thieving coincidence, I updated the Thailand chapter of the 14th edition of Southeast Asia on a Shoestring, which will be on store shelves early next year — March 2008, I believe. Please do not steal it.

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