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Thanks for the bloody fingers!


Sorry, no new post today, as I am on deadline and my typing fingers are beginning to form little blisters, one of which has already cracked open and is now spraying little flecks of blood across my computer monitor. It is during moments like this one that my mind starts to wander, and I begin to think seriously about how life would be different if I had an upstanding staff writer position, complete with good health insurance and worker’s compensation, which would almost certainly be helpful right now, what with my bleeding finger tips and all.  

Please check back in a day or two, when a new media column I’m launching right here in the Labor Party may or may not debut — it all depends on whether or not I can come up with an appropriately clever name, and unfortunately “Hot Copy” is already taken. Damn it all to hell. Any of you journalistic types have a suggestion?

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