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Former Lonely Planet Author Missing in China

clem.jpgThis story actually broke sometime during the first week of June, but I figure it’s still very much worth posting. It seems as if a former Lonely Planet author, Clem Lindenmayer, has gone missing in a mountainous region of China known as being rather dangerous — and even lawless.

I realize this is a complete shot in the dark, but I’m posting a link to the Sydney Morning Herald story explaining the situation, and I’m also posting links to a number of different photos of Clem. If anyone reading this post thinks they may have seen Clem — it’s believed he went missing in the town of Kangding, a city in the Sichuan province in south-west China — please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Here’s the Sydney Morning Herald story.

This is a post from the popular independent travel site World Hum.

A BBC story is here, with essentially the same information as the SMH piece.

And here’s the LP Thorn Tree thread, which you should definitely take a look at if you’re interested in learning more about Clem’s situation.

Photos of Clem Lindenmayer

Here are the links to several photos of missing Clem Lindenmayer, also outdoors photos and a picture of the tent he brought with him. (These photos were all borrowed from the Thorn Tree thread mentioned above.)

Missing Clem Lindenmayer, 3 photos

Clem Lindenmayer in cold weather

Clem in hiking gear and with his backpack (2 pics)

Clem’s tent

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