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Where in the World is Dishwasher Pete?

young-dishwasher-pete.gifMy longtime hero Dishwasher Pete, aka Pete Jordan — a true Young Pioneer if there ever was one — is currently touring the country to promote his first book. It’s titled Dishwasher: One Man’s Quest to Wash Dishes in All 50 States, and if you have any interest at all in independent travel or the self-publishing scene, you should pick up a copy immediately.

I was lucky enough to weasel my way into a brief chat with Pete at the end of his Pittsburgh appearance — he even graciously signed my copy of his book. I found this especially kind, as my copy was actually a free promo that had been sent to me by a HarperCollins publicist. In fact, printed right on the book’s front cover in all-caps is this: Uncorrected Proof — Not For Sale. But Pete didn’t seem to mind. He picked up a pen and wrote:

To Dan:  It’s great to finally meet you!        –Suds and scrubs, Pete

Ever since Pete’s tour kicked off a few weeks back, he’s been racking up a pretty impressive collection of article clippings; most are about his old life as a dish dog, and about his goal to dish professionally is each of the 50 United States. Some are straight book reviews.

I’ve been doing my best to keep up with Pete’s media hits, and it occured to me this morning that the Labor Party might be a good place in which to archive some of the more interesting articles. The best write-up I’ve read thus far is a 1,279-word article by New York Times journalist Charles McGrath. The photo that ran with that story is below, and the link to the piece itself is here




Links to a few decent stories and interviews: 

Good Q&A by Robert Elder of the Chicago Tribune here.

Here’s a piece I haven’t gotten around to reading yet, although considering it was published in Portland’s Willamette Week, one of the country’s very best alt-weeklies, I’m sure it’s an interesting enough read.

Here’s a Portland Mercury interview.

A Q&A by the Pittsburgh City Paper’s own Bill O’Driscoll, with whom I shared a flimsy cubicle wall during my stint as music editor there.

A Pittsburgh Tribune-Review piece.

Pete disses the Seattle P-I here, about this story. (I love the Seattle P-I, by the way. They seem to get away with a very breezy and conversational tone that almost always works well. But during the three years I lived in Seattle, the P-I was a fairly hated paper, at least by politically-liberal types. I have no idea what the media temperature is like in Seattle these days …)  

And finally, an L.A. Times story. I’ll probably come back to this entry and post more links sometime in the week or two, but I’m on deadline right now and the über-stress is kicking in …

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