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Interview: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


 Moon Handbooks Pittsburgh Public Relations Update

Good news, friends–it looks like Moon Handbooks Pittsburgh will soon be getting a respectful nod from our city’s leading daily. Here’s the story: 

I was dutifully tapping away on my keyboard this afternoon when my cell phone rang. It was my Avalon Travel publicist, ringing to ask if I’d be interested in talking about the guidebook with a reporter from the Post-Gazette. Naturally, I was.

I was told the reporter was a girl by the name of Caitlin Price. I figured I’d do a bit of background investigation, just to see who I was dealing with, but when I did a search for the gal’s name on the P-G’s site, I got nothing. Same deal when I Googled her. That’s because as it happens, Caitlin is an Ohio University journalism student who’s spending her summer as an intern in the P-G’s Lifestyle department. Caitlin seems like an ambitious gal; she also acts as the culture editor for her school’s daily paper, The Post.

Caitlin and I only talked for 15 minutes, so it’s quite possible the piece will end up being an insignificant little sidebar, or maybe a bullet-listed page filler. Tough to say. I was told, however, that the piece will run sometime this week, and most likely in the Lifestyle section. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled, and once it runs I’ll post the story on this page. 

In Other Publicity News: Apparently a local journalist and fine dining expert by the name of Ann Haigh has expressed interest in interviewing me on her weekly radio program, On the Menu, that she hosts with her husband, Peter. According to a blurb on the show’s website, On the Menu is a weekly, one-hour program that explores “the wide world of food, wine, travel & lifestyle.”

Interestingly, Ann also writes a regular food column for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, where I worked as an intern during the summer right after my graduation from the University of Pittsburgh. Here’s a piece she wrote about UUBU6 for Fanfare Magazine, a new lifestyle magazine put out by the Tribune-Review’s parent publishing company, Trib Total Media.

Also: Wondering how I created the newspaper image that appears at the top of this post? Why, with the Newspaper Clipping Generator, of course! If that sort of thing amuses you, you’ll probably also have fun with the Concert Ticket Generator. Looking for even more ways to waste time, you say? Not a problem. Simply point your browser toward www.says-it.com, where you’ll find all manner of Stupid Internet Tricks, including the Mobster Threat Generator (good for threatening your enemies), and the Vinyl Record Generator (good for adding a touch of professionalism to your favorite notebook or vehicle).         

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