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Where Should I Live?

As a general rule, I’m not a big fan of Internet quizzes, as I find they are often jokes and do not actually work as advertised. But yesterday evening, I Googled the term “Where Should I Live?”, and was sent to the very useful www.findyourspot.com.

FindYourSpot seems to be a for-profit relocation site of some sort, but its main feature is a quiz that took me about 20 minutes to complete. The quiz will attempt to determine what you do and don’t like about urban and rural living by asking for your thoughts about sports, religion, public transportation, weather patterns, etc. After the quiz has been completed, you’ll be given a list of 24 cities that the site has deemed appropriate.

 Here are the places where FindYourSpot assured me I’d happiest:

  1. Providence, Rhode Island
  2. Hartford, Connecticut
  3. Worcester, Massachusetts
  4. New Haven, Connecticut
  5. Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  6. Little Rock, Arkansas
  7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  8. Boston, Massachusetts
  9. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  10. Portland, Oregon
  11. Baltimore, Maryland
  12. Washington, D.C.
  13. Long Island, New York
  14. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  15. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  16. Manhattan, New York   
  17. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  18. Norfolk, Virginia
  19. New York City, New York
  20. San Francisco, California
  21. Nashville, Tennessee
  22. Fort Worth, Texas
  23. Knoxville, Tennessee
  24. San Jose, California

I found it interesting that Pittsburgh, where I currently live, and Manhattan, where I often dream about living, popped up so close to each other in the results. And as for Providence? I’ll admit, I’m now a bit more curious about the place. And in fact I did once consider moving there (although to be truthful, I’ve probably considered moving almost everywhere at one point or another) after reading an especially interesting article about the legendary Fort Thunder house.

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