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Favorite website of the moment: www.robertreid.info, which is maintained by the Brooklyn-based Lonely Planet author of the same name. I’ve never actually met the guy, but I did talk to him on the phone once when I was staying at a converted SoHo loft with my girlfriend and trying my darndest to make new friends in a city that … very soon … I will be calling home. So exciting!

Be sure to take a look at Robert’s 100-percent-free online guidebook to Vietnam, by the way. Great idea, and well-executed to boot. And for an inspirational laugh, read through Robert’s old LP blog, Robert Reid Rides the Trans-Siberian Railway. RRRTTSR was mentioned in a fantastically well-argued and well-written New York Times article about experimental travel, and subsequently became one of lp.com’s most-clicked-on author blogs. Go Robert! 

And speaking of Lonely Planet coverage in the Times, take a look at this story by one of my favorite Times writers, Warren St. John, about how surprisingly difficult a guidebook writer’s daily duties can sometimes be. Favorite paragraph:

While the phrase “travel writing” may invoke thoughts of steamer trunks, trains, Isak Dinesen and Graham Greene, or at the very least, well-financed junkets to spas in Rangoon for some glossy magazine or other, writing budget travel guides is most decidedly yeoman’s work. Most who do it quickly learn the one hard and fast rule of the trade: travel-guide writing is no vacation.

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